Show Review: Umphrey’s McGee @ Stage AE in Pittsburgh, 10/24/14


You never know what to expect as far as weather during October in Pittsburgh. Yet, Friday the 24th hit me like a late summer evening.

Every year, toward the end of October, Umphrey’s McGee makes an appearance in Pittsburgh. It’s my favorite holiday and I think it should be nationally recognized. Many would agree. Anyone want to petition this?

I saw UM for the first time in 2012, but I’ve been a follower since my junior year of high school. Since then, I was always told that I must attend a live UM show. It wasn’t until my third year of college I was able to go.


I can’t remember much from the last show, but I know it was better this year. I trudged through the crowd embellished with pins reading “Umph Love” and “UM”, and I realized I was among friends. I didn’t know anyone except for my usual band of friends, but I felt that I could just walk up to anyone and have an instant philosophical conversation about life.

Photo by Brian Spady

Show Preview: The Motet @ Aggie Theatre 10/29/14

 ARTICLE BY: ALEX MALACOFF 1378185_10202567474136283_8327441293131851909_n

Photo by Brian Spady

Photo by Brian Spady

Join us for the second night of The Motet’s funkadelic 1975-themed Halloween run. They will be playing tonight at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO and Kat Tuminello and I will be there to cover this special event.

Colorado natives, The Motet, are a seven-piece improvisational funk band that is known for their unique sound which mixes funk, disco, electronic, and soul amongst other genres. You can’t help but dance to the music they provide. Get ready to hear The Motet play a crazy Halloween inspired set of songs from the year 1975, as well as some original content. For a better understanding of The Motet’s musical style check out this video of their song “Like We Own It” from July, 5th 2014 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

This show is 16+ and doors are at 7pm. Buy your tickets here.

Look out for a review of the show in the next couple days!


Phish’s Fall Tour (So Far): Theme From The Couch

This tour has been a noteworthy one so far, with many high points and maybe one or two flubs, quickly leading up to the shows everyone has been waiting for: Halloween in Las Vegas. I don’t want to be too tough on the band though as we close in on the best holiday of the Phish-year. My west coast envy is high right now, leaving me feeling a bit of bitterness as I listen to the shows from my couch. I feel like a kid having a temper tantrum. Why do they get Phish this fall? They’re our band, aren’t they? Has east coast entitlement gotten the best of me? When will they be coming back? Will they cover another band on Halloween? Will they cover themselves again? Will we get a mini spring tour? (bring out the trampolines) Did your sourcey source hear Festival X will be on the east coast? Am I asking too many questions? If there’s one thing I’ve learned about following Phish, it’s that they will always keep us guessing. The real question is, am I beyond the point of a healthy obsession with this band? Maybe so, maybe not. I should try to be more thankful, especially after such a great summer from these guys. Seeing a handful of shows never seems to be enough though. Try explaining to a normal person why you had to see Phish 8 times in one summer. “I bet you know all the songs!” says my uncle, the banker. I’ll try to savor those sweet, sweet summer memories and look forward to what’s yet to come. So for now, I’ll put my jealousy on the shelf and give you my take on what I’ve heard so far this fall from the boys.

Photo by Phish: From the Road

Photo by Phish: From the Road

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Show Preview: Infected Mushroom @ Beta Nightclub, Halloween!


This freaky Friday night, Infected Mushroom will be throwing down a DJ set at Beta Nightclub in Denver, CO, and WTMO’s own, Kat Tuminello, will be there covering the show!

If you’ve never seen Infected Mushroom get ready for the ultimate selection of music to get you feeling spooky as you dance the night away to “Psychedelic Trance”, the genre the duo has innovated since their formation in 1996. Producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani are wonderfully entertaining, often preforming with a full live band, the group plays on average 120 live performances a year. This simple fact makes it clear; Infected knows how to party and how to entertain.

This is an 18+ show, get your tickets here! Music starts at 11pm.

Be safe on Halloween night, do not put yourself at risk, take a party bus to Beta for an extra $20! Pick ups in Boulder and Fort Collins. Keep each other safe, guys!


Show Review: Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, & Wink @ The Rex Theater 10/19/14


As my friends and I sat eating our awesome home-made dinner, we went on talking about our expectations for the night ahead of us. Hours later, we would reconvene within the walls of The Rex Theater; a place that has helped us all find a sense of “home” in the city of Pittsburgh. We cleaned our plates and sat back, stomachs full and ready to kill some time. What should we expect from Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, and Wink’s performances tonight? To begin, our collective summer festival resumé includes more than a handful of sets from these artists, so we pooled our experiences and decided a few things. Wink would be a great opener for these acts, Kaminanda would deliver us one of the most interesting sets of the night, and there was no way Phutureprimitive would play over an hours worth of music.

As nine o’clock approached, the conversation died down and we separately made our ways to the small South Side venue, just in time to hear the magic in the first moments of Wink‘s opening set. Jason is an artist that can hold his own in any setting. There are three things I see him do consistently each time he performs. First, he knows how to play to a room. This is partly him knowing so much about so many different styles of music, and partly him being able to pick up on the energy of the crowd; knowing when to build up and when to break down. For this reason, he draws a crowd. The fluidity in his music, and the realms he explores within a set piques the interest of his audience, bringing them closer to the stage, waking them up to start doing the exploring themselves, through the movement in their bodies. It is this that brings me to my final point–Wink gets people talking. People are noticing him, they’re aware of his talent, and look forward to seeing him perform again. So, overall, he did an awesome job kicking things off last Sunday night.


In between sets, we meandered to the merch booth where we met Tyler Russell, who explained the “Dance out your Deamons” game. Phutureprimitive has always had this deep connection with expression, not only through music, but also through dance. In a sense, it has been his “campaign” over the last couple years of touring. In the same ways The Polish Ambassador is helping his fan base reach out and get in touch with their surroundings on his Permaculture Action Tour, Phutureprimitive is reaching out to the his fan base to get in touch with themselves. So, there were two purposes to this game: to “dance out” some negative energy or concept, and “dance in” something positive and inspiring over the course of the night. So we wrote down our fears, our doubts, our deamons, on pieces of duct tape, and stuck them under our right shoe. Then we wrote down our dreams, our passions, our desires, on another piece, which we stuck under our left shoes, and we got back on the floor for Kaminanda’s set.


If there’s an artist that can grab ahold of time and space, completely taking control of it through their manipulation, I would say it could be Stephen Kaminanda. His music grabs ahold of you by the wrist and takes you, running fast and wildly through a transcendental dreamscape he’s creating as you go. However, I just couldn’t completely get into it. Gearing up for a Phutureprimitive set, I wanted something a little more engaging–less ethereal and a little more bass-heavy. I do admit, though, I was incredibly excited to be in the presence of some of my best friends that I never get to see, so I wasn’t fully paying attention. It wasn’t that our prediction was incorrect–Kaminanda’s set was the most interesting of the night. His style is unique, it is boundless, and it is experimental. His sound incorporates many different styles of music, it is spacious and it is complex. So, it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the set, it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted at the time.

During Kaminanda’s set, I climbed the stairs to the small balcony that overlooks the crowd. I’ve met an insane amount of artists on that small black platform, and it was there Sunday night that I met Rain and Evan Glantz. Rain gave us permission to film his set, and Evan, the visual artist behind the beautiful madness of Phutureprimitive’s stage set up, agreed to do an interview with me later this week. At this point in the night, I had met all of the artists in the house, aside from Caeli La, who was resting before her performance. I must say, each and every one of them greeted me with a smile and bright, shining eyes that welcomed conversation and interaction of any kind. I spent a good amount of time talking to Tyler Russell about music and what it does, community and its influence, and essentially, the beauty of this culture we are so immersed in. That’s what I’ve come to realize about shows; it’s not only about what you’re seeing, it’s about who you’re there with–and I’m not only talking about the crew of friends you brought along. Shows are fantastic places to meet people because you know you have, at the very least, one thing in common. Start from there. Let the conversations unfold, and let new friendships blossom.


Phutureprimitive took the stage with a smile on his face, looking out into the crowd. By this time, the floor had filled in, but there were surprisingly fewer people there than I had expected. That’s something I am never mad about, from the patron side of things; having enough space to do whatever you want–dance, hoop, you know…breathe. As the pyramid structure surrounding him lit up, I stood still, waiting patiently. A smile of my own crept over me, and I had to laugh, knowing the night was only going to get better. It’s crazy…no matter how many times I see Phutureprimitive, or where I see him perform, I’m always taken back to Rootwire 2012, late night, tent stage, front row, dancing for what seemed like forever. And forever it was–our prediction was wrong! He played well over an hour of beautiful music, grabbing tracks from all different parts of his discography, and even threw down a new one for us. Aside from the new stage set up, one of my favorite parts of the entire production was when Caeli La came out on stage, in beautiful dress, encouraging everyone in the room to let it out, whatever it may be, through her ritual dance. The crowd was small, but the energy was high, and together, we danced out our deamons, and took to laughing and smiling, dancing and stepping, and truly enjoying the moment we were creating together in that room.

Enjoy our little piece of that night. It is one opportunity that we will never have to forget.


The Polish Ambassador’s Denver “Impact Days”

 ARTICLE BY: ALEX MALACOFF 1378185_10202567474136283_8327441293131851909_n


Photo by Matt Betka

As a new resident of Colorado, I have been trying to get involved in the community as much as possible. I have been looking for opportunities to give back to this beautiful state, and last weekend I was given such an opportunity. The Polish Ambassador played a sold out show at The Fillmore Auditorium last Saturday, and on Sunday he held an “Impact Day” in Denver, as a part of his Permaculture Action Tour.

“Impact Day” is a new and innovative concept for the electronic music community. You party at a concert with your friends the night before, and then the day after, you get up and make an impact in your community. These community service opportunities were all related to the growing permaculture movement in America. This is a movement that is teaching people the tools and giving them the hands-on experience they need to build a sustainable and regenerative community. Think public organic farming and community gardens.

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New Music: Gravitas Recordings – Beat ALS, Vol. 1

If you’re on the grid, you’ve undoubtedly caught wind of the ice bucket challenge at some point this past summer. Whether you were nominated, or watched your friends get nominated all over social media, the challenge brought a great deal of awareness to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a nerve disease that affects as many as 56,000 new people every year.

Gravitas Recordings presents Beat ALS Vol. 1, a compilation album from which 100% of profits will directly benefit ALS research via Every90Minutes, a foundation dedicated to funding research and treatment for ALS. Every90Minutes is currently working on multiple initiatives to raise funds and awareness for the disease.

The album features a remarkable array of respected artists of all genres. From dubstep to techno and glitch hob to ambient, the compilation is diversified enough that you will undoubtedly discover something exciting you haven’t heard before, all the while donating to a good cause. 

You can download the album here.

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