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John McCarron, Ryan Hodson, & Chris Walker | Broccoli Samurai

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“It’s taken a bunch of strange changes from playing in my living room”: My Interview w/ Broccoli Samurai


Chris Walker, Steve Fade, Ryan Hodson | Broccoli Samurai

Not only do they have the greatest band name I have yet to stumble upon, but their sound is unique, upbeat, and so damn fun! These guys remind me of the New Deal. Yes, stop now.. go listen here, and some more here, and a lil more here (but come back to read this awesome interview)! They’re the grooviest of the jamtronica genre, and have come up fast. In just a few short years, with the intense love and support of the land of Ohio (where all these jamtronica acts are just popping out of), they’ve expanded their fandom far outside the state lines and right in the middle of my heart! I had a great time meeting and getting to know Chris, Steve, Ryan, and John. However, the band recently said good bye to bassist Steve Fade, and have yet to welcome a permanent replacement to the stage. Give my interview with Chris Walker, Steve Fade, and Ryan Hodson a read and get to know the band a little better!

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Show Preview and CD Review: Turkuaz’s 86 Future CD and show at the Rex Theater, 4/19/14

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling down, I like to get down…to some serious jams.

With winter gone and summer in sight, there is still a lingering depression that cold weather burns into your brain.

Not saying winter isn’t a time to get funky, but sometimes the chill in the air and the snow on the ground just makes me want to crawl under a rock.

It’s time to shake off those lingering blues with Turkuaz, who are playing at the Rex Theater tonight with Alan Evans Trio.

Turkuaz is a Brooklyn-based 9 piece power-funk band. Their new CD, Future 86, has not been released yet…And I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak.

It starts with a Keller-esque, big band, no fluff, jazzy sound and ends with a sunny, carribean flavor and a touch of what we’re hit with in the beginning.

Fellow ragers and soul seekers, there’s a lot to be excited about. You don’t want to this miss this show.

You can buy your tickets in advance or at the door, which opens at 8PM.

Check out this sick video of Turkuaz playing “Monkey Fingers”:

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“It’s not just about how you play it, but in the way you write it…”: My Interview w/ Dave Brandwein of Turkuaz

Turkuaz is no small act. Literally, with nine members, stirring up a big funky party is no problem for them. If you can’t catch them on their tour, worry not! For there is plenty of music online, as they’ve released three albums since last year. However, if you can, I recommend seeing them live because it’s always interesting to see the chemistry between artists on stage, especially with a band so big. In anticipation of this Saturday’s show at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA, I spoke with guitarist and vocalist, Dave Brandwein to talk Turkuaz. It was interesting to talk to Dave in particular because of his involvement in the way the band composes songs, and his approach to composing vocal lines and lyrics. Check it out!

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Show Review: Dan Croll @ Club Cafe 4/15

It seems like bands and artist are getting younger nowadays (says the 24 year old). Dan Croll is a 23-year-old British singer-songwriter based out of Liverpool.  He was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire) and moved at the age of 18 to attend the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). While attending LIPA he won the Songwriter of the Year from the Musicians Benevolent Fund and was personally selected to have a one-on-one with and by Paul McCartney. He just released his debut record, Sweet Disarray on March 10via Deram Records.  Dan Croll and his band were in town on a rare snowy April night in Pittsburgh for their first ever show in the city of bridges.

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Photos: Hoopla in the Hills, March 27-31

I spent this past weekend at Hoopla in the Hills 2014, in Athens, OH! I had a blast shooting and meeting all sorts of artists, so be sure to check out the entire album!

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Show Review: Keller Williams @ The State Theatre 3/21/14


Friday night, The State Theatre in State College, PA filled up to welcome Keller Williams back to its stage. The venue wasn’t packed, but Keller brought the right kinds of people through its doors: a mix of older men and women, clearly excited to see one of their own come through the barren wastelands that make up State College’s music scene, and college students eager to see Keller lay down the funk, or experience their first one-man-band show.

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Hoopla Artist Spotlight: Phutureprimitive



I remember the first time I saw or even heard Phutureprimitive–Rootwire 2012, late night set under the tent stage. I mean, how could you forget? Months later I was making the trek to Philadelphia to see him again, and that night seemed to last forever. Phutureprimitive’s art was my first taste of spacious electronic music, and boy is it beautiful. Discovering his music launched me into a whole other-worldly realm of music I may not have otherwise touched. He understands the connection between music, the self, and expression of the self. Over the years, as with many artists, his sound has developed into something different, but still characteristic of his style, and it’s still just as beautiful.

You can find Phutureprimitive at Hoopla in the Hills this weekend near Athens, OH. Head to the Main Stage Tursday night to catch some fantastic ambient dance music from 10pm-11:30.

From our interview with Rain:
From your start as an artist up until now, how would you say your sound has developed?

I would say my music started out as a more chilled out downtempo sort of sound on my album “Sub Conscious”. I did, and still do, really dig music that has an appreciation for space… music that leaves room to breathe…. that ebbs and flows. I then experimented with lyrical vocals and a more refined sound pallet on the “Luminous EP”. Since then, with “Kinetik” and the brand new “Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt 1,” I’ve really been moved (figuratively and literally) by music that’s geared towards dance, but still tells a story and doesn’t give up it’s repeated listenability or musicality. Dance is so healing. So cathartic. So necessary.

What do you attribute those changes to?

When i was younger I was really in my own head; very internal. I still am to a point, but I’m much more expressive now…and with dance, you can express yourself in ways that words don’t provide. Being able to facilitate that in others is truly a gift. Music that moves you inside and out.

Give his latest work a listen, Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places pt1:

Check out my interview with Rain!


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Hoopla Artist Spotlight: Ott.


Ott is an accomplished UK producer that (thankfully) brings his ingenuity to the states quite frequently. In fact, you’re in luck! This Saturday night, he’ll be slaying the side stage at this year’s Hoopla in the Hills from 2am-3:30am, so be sure to save your energy for that one!

Grab your Hoopla tickets in advance here!

“A couple weeks ago, I got to sit down with electronic music producer, Ott. He truly has a style of his own, manipulating sound in any and every possible way. Ott’s music is a dose of madness, served in a flawless way. Bits and pieces of the human experience are intertwined through tracks that fearlessly explore every realm of synthetic sound. He was a great guy to talk to, and elaborated on a lot of topics, ranging from his transition from “behind the scenes,” onto the stage, to where he finds to be the most interesting place in the world. He answered a lot of my questions; yes, there actually is chicken risotto cooking on Mir, and yes, he actually did move to a pretty remote cottage with his cats for a few years, during which he developed his sound.”

Give our interview with Ott a read! This was one of my favorites, by far.


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